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So I'm kinda new to this group, but this question has been on my mind, and I don't know if this is the right spot. I'm a taurus, and my boyfriend is a scorpio. Are we meant to be, or are we not? Just curious.
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I am a Taurus female, married to a Scorpio man. Its good or its bad. Depends on either's moods or willingness to communicate. Expect to butt heads, but the chemistry is wonderful. Weve been married 4 years and together 6. We have had many ups and downs, mainly miscommunication, but both of us are very loyal to one another in the end. I think my husband summed it up saying we couldn't live without the other.
thanks for that :)
you two are polar opposites in the zodiac so there is some struggle, but with work and willingness, it's totally possible to embrace the opposition and learn a lot from each other. I think polarity can serve as complimentary. Just be willing to learn and be open - which might be a little hard for a Taurus, but we're not defined by the stars, just simply influenced.