BrigidMoon (almjbs) wrote in taurus_z0diac,

Okay got a few questions....

I have a potential taurus date/friend/bf -- who knows but there is potential! That's the main thing. Been sending written emails for weeks. He's very sweet, handsome, sensual friendly -- totally stable financially and confident. Like all of us he has stuff going on but that wouldn't stop me from calling someone or chatting or taking it to the next level so to speak.
He did give me his number. I left a voicemail for him. So I figured if it took 2 weeks to get that far, I'm doing pretty good.

How to continue to keep his attention? How to possibly get a date?
Should I update my pic on the sight that's a bit more girly and provacative?

I have NO experience with taurus at all.

I need help and need to know what limits I need to put on myself. It seems when I do not respond right away, he's very quick. Do they like to play hard to get? Or do they like it when it's a casual slow meeting and slow courting?
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